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Soc Trang inhabitants and their lives

New life of Khmer people in Soc Trang :Khmer people make up one thirds of Soc Trang inhabitants. Looking for good candidates to be communists bases on Economic – Social Development or Poverty Alleviation Programmes. This duty now connect closely with local movements so that Khmer people can wholly progress and make synchronous changes in every region. More and more Khmer people would like to join in Communist Party. One of the villages that has many Khmer people (80% population)

Dai Tam village , My Xuyen district has been considered the salient village on transfering economic structure, improving miscellaneous gardens, developing breeding, eliminating hunger and reducing poverty,…Soc Trang has never had clear transforms in Economic – Social development and Communist Party Building as well in the recent years. The rate of Khmer communist members had been only 11% before, in 2003 all party agents admitted 880 party members (nearly 17% Khmer people), so Khmer party members were increased to 1871 members. Eight villages have the number of Khmer party members over 50%. Khmer people now gradually overcome the poverty and believe in the leadership of the communist Party. Passing some rural areas which have Khmer people, we can see new model of production everywhere such as specializing in vegetables, combinding rice cultivation with sugpo prawn, or fish – chicken – fruit trees farms. Mr. Cao Khang Chien – Vice Chief of Organization Department of Provincial Committee of The Party, said “ Economic Structure Transform Movement not only participates in making Soc Trang Economy and Society more prosperous but also helping Khmer people more mature. A party cell finds Khmer people to admit and the these Khmer members help the movement largely developed. Many of them admitted to be members of Party are the natural results in the process of self –affirmation”.

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