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Original Khmer Drinking and Eating

In the sound of five notes orchestra music, Khmer boys and girls in splendid costumes sing and dance beautifully. Nine South provinces introduce together a very drinking and eating culture identity. Firstly, we have mentioned to “Flat Green Rice” .They use rather ripe sticky paddy grain, milky and then grill, grind them in a round mortar.The perfume of sticky rice spreads all over and promises a successful crops. Khmer people ate it with bananas or grilled tiny shrimps to have the feeling of fullness in the old days. Now they mix it with inner part of cononuts, granulated sugar or Thot Not sugar. It becomes soft, tasty and greasy like a dessert meal on festival days. Specially in Ok Om bok festival or Moon Festival, people feed children with “Flat Green Rice” so they call “Ok om bok”

“Flat Green Rice Feeding”. Perhaps, the famous food of Mekong Delta that every one waits for the most is “Bun Nuoc Leo”. Snake-head fish here are so firm flesh and tasty that this kind of fish at other place can’t be compared with. They make it clean, boil, bone, tear it into pieces and put it into the bowl. Then they pour sauce boilt carefully with Pra hoc salted fish on the bowl and use it with banana inflorescense, beansprouts, splited spinach, shallot and cypress’s flowers. “Bun nuoc leo now is eaten with more things than it used to…” says Ms. Truong Thi Cam Van – a famous cooker and the owner of restaurant –“Food Garden 36”, in National Road I – Ward 2, Soc Trang town. Perhaps, the most special food is “Cong” Cake Dai Tam which has an interesting process. Rice flour is mixed with ground soya-bean and green peas. Some pieces of lean meat are cut and mixed with spice – onion and pepper. Putting all into a jug in turn, then they dip the jug in boilt vegetable oil and put some tiny shrimps on the surface. Keep frying until Cong cake is done to turn and looses. This cake is used with fish sauce which is done with splited carrots, turnips and many kinds of raw vegetables. The taste of Cong cake must be suitably crispy, spongy and yellowish.

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