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Ecological Zone on the lower section of Hau River

Lying in the middle of vast Hau river, the island groups on Hau River sides in Soc Trang province have many advantages such as nice weather, fat land, many kind of fruits…..

 People here have planted many luxuriant fruit gardens , built their villages more and more beautiful and wealthy. Visiting this region, tourists will be interested in natural and liberal minded lives of the farmers here. Specially, we can’t bypass My Phuoc islet. On the fifteenth day of May lunar every year, islet people welcome many visitors from other regions to this islet. Some one says that this day is considered the festival of My Phuoc islet. That’s truly right. And, Dung islet! A friendly name of Long Phu people like a song’s words “ Who comes to Dung islet, please pass by Old irrigation ditch and An Thanh Nhat village”. How sincere the song’s words are! Dung islet people are also very proud of Uncle Ho’s temple at An Thanh Nhi village. This proves the loyal hearts of Soc Trang people to Revolution in the old days. Along Cuu Long river with many special farm products through out the year, Dung islet warmly welcome the visitors as their relatives

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