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Soft Noodles and Sauce ( Bun Nuoc Leo Soc Trang ) – excellent food

  This food is for breakfast and a speciality of Khmer people in Mekong Delta. “Bun Nuoc Leo” has wherever Khmer people live, but “Bun Nuoc Leo” Soc Trang is the most famous. 
   To explain for this, we find that it has some specific characteristics. If Bun Nuoc Leo Tra Vinh is famous with raw vegetables (shallot and banana flower), Bun Nuoc Leo Chau Doc is liked by roast pork , “dien dien” flower

  A speciality of flooding season. Bun Nuoc Leo Can Tho is well – known with the name “Bun Mam” , the mixture of some different kinds of soft noodles. The sauce is also made from salted fish, but the noodles bowl is added with roast pork, pork bologna, or a quarter of a Cong cake. So it is an excellent combination. Coming back with “Bun Nuoc Leo” Soc Trang, the gastronomers will enjoy an excellent bowl. The white and soft noodles together with raw vegetables make us never forget it. The visitors may feel more delicious if they try the peppery and sour taste of pepper, vinegar (or lemon). It is more wonderful if we have it in the early morning or late evening or in the rainy and cold days. According to some understanding people, Bun Nuoc Leo Soc Trang is also cooked with cononut, pig bones. The sauce is to be limpid and have the brownish colour. To help make Bun Nuoc Leo Soc Trang famous, we need to have sage –brush – a kind of small bulb like a finger. So the delicious taste of Bun Nuoc Leo Soc Trang is very special…..Under the talent of Khmer people, it is resublimed to become a famous food not only in Mekong Delta.

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